The WestEnders


The WestEnders: four fantastic singers with a genuine, unrivalled background of West End shows between them.

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About The WestEnders...

The WestEnders delight audiences with a passion for musical theatre that can only truly be realised by authentic West End performers, bringing a vibrancy and excitement to any venue no matter the size or occasion. Their shows have enthralled audiences across an array of venues from Headlining on major cruise lines, sell out stadiums in Europe and Asia, UK theatre tours and smaller cabaret rooms and lounges in some of the top hotels and resorts around the world, including The Savoy, London, The Guildhall and the Cafe Royal.

The WestEnders are the ideal fit for any cruise ship, delighting fans on the high seas whether in the main theatre with their expanded show (six singers and full ship's band), or with four singers and piano in a more intimate cabaret setting...or any combination in between. Musical Supervision is by leading West End Musical Director Jae Alexander who recently completed working on 42nd Street at London's Drury Lane and is currently embarking on Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg. Jae ensures the high standards of West End theatre are upheld in all musical arrangements and provides the group with exciting and bespoke musical pieces - "Close your eyes and you're in the West End".

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