Sam M


A highly versatile and experienced pianist and singer, his repertoire includes pop, blues, classic jazz, boogie, ragtime, rock n roll and even classic rock.

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About Sam...

Sam has over ten years experience in entertaining live audiences, ranging from solo residencies at London venues and private functions to international arenas through session work with bands and artists. He has a huge repertoire which he constantly strives to improve. Sam's easy going nature and fun loving personality helps him connect with his audiences and encourages them to enjoy, listen and join in. His focus is always for a crowd to have a memorable and fun evening and believes this has lead to his continued success in entertaining.

Sam has been a songwriter since he was 15, working with bands, solo artists and other writers. He's an accomplished keyboard player, pianist, guitarist and singer, and has an in depth knowledge of musical technology.

For the past 10 years he has worked for the international hit factory 'Xenomania' as a composer, producer and session musician for a range of recording artists and musicians, many of whom have had regular UK top ten hits. His work at Xenomania has given him an extensive understanding of music production and has developed his compositional skills to ensure a consistent very high standard in a variety of musical genres. He is an experienced musical director, delivering the highest quality sound design, mixing and musicality.