Martin John


From a young age Martin has always been interested in magic, but at age 18 he decided to learn the art of 'Close-up-Magic'.

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About Martin John...

Successfully mastering his craft, at 21 he flew to Spain to pursue his dream of performing his close-up act in bars for tips as his living. Within two months of performing seven nights per week, he was quickly spotted by the management of the Benidorm Palace, the largest variety show venue in Spain. He soon became the resident magician, and having established a nightly of audience of 1000 people, he was offered a stage spot. This allowed him to further hone and develop his act, culminating in him making a 16 metre long Lear Jet Aeroplane appear on the stage, which is still known as the World's largest stage appearance.

Aged 25 and having successfully developed two full stage shows blending visual magic with comedy, he was approached by many cruise lines, where he was able to use his talent to bring laughter and bewilderment to audiences.

Now based in London, Martin mainly performs Close-up & Comedy Stage magic at corporate events, weddings and private parties in London, throughout the UK & worldwide on request.

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