Kyle Kennedy


Originally hailing from the USA’s infamous ‘tornado alley,’ Kyle Kennedy has been gracing stages across the globe for 25 years. His debonair demeanor, coupled with his comedic quirkiness, serve to highlight his effortless vocal ability and silky smooth dance moves. From Los Angeles to St. Petersburg ... Amsterdam to Anchorage, Kyle has dedicated his career to his love of helping an audience have the night of their life.

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About Kyle...

Born in a small town just outside Overland Park, Kansas, Kyle learned to sing alongside learning to speak. Though soft-spoken and shy, Kyle knew when (and how) to turn on the charm and chime in with his instinctual flair for performing. His talent was young, but his comedic timing and natural ability to captivate his audience was well beyond his years.

His first experience in the theatre was at 8 years old when his parents took him to see a performance of The Pirates and Penzance. Mesmerized by the spectacle onstage, Kyle rode the edge of his seat from beginning to end. Begging his mother Bobbie to take him backstage to meet the cast, Kyle knew in his heart that his destiny had been set and that he would someday be a part of the magical world of theatre.

At 20 years old, Kyle accompanied a group of performers to Cork, Ireland, in an amateur theatre exchange program. While there, Kyle landed the role of Tony in a professional production of West Side Story and unexpectedly ended up staying for nearly two years, sparking a love for Ireland and the European way of life

For the last 15 years, Kyle has traveled the world sharing his gift and passion for performance. From exotic theme parks, massive cruise ships and international tours, Kyle has seen ‘it’ all and done as much of ‘it’ as he could!

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