John Nations


John Nations: when juggling meets giggling!

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John Nations: when juggling meets giggling!

Juggling is fun to do, but only a few people can make it fun to watch; John Nations not only makes juggling into a funny and entertaining show, he includes his audience in the action!

A former American now living in Europe, John perfected his show through two and a half decades of traveling as a street juggler, corporate entertainer and comedy act from Florida to Scandinavia. He has also delighted passengers of every age on the stages of several grand-class cruise ships in the British Isles, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and South and Central America.

Winner of many juggling awards and Master of Ceremonies/host of gala shows in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, John is often asked to perform wherever professional variety entertainers gather! His act includes the rare and difficult feats of juggling five tennis racquets; catching balls on his ears, forehead and neck; knife juggling through his legs; and super-fast 5-ball bounce juggling, all while keeping his audience engaged with friendly patter and original comedy.

His signature trick is catching a throw from an untrained member of his audience while already juggling 3 clubs, with quick wit and improvisation helping him handle whatever his fans throw at him!

John performs his international and world-friendly show in English, German, French and Norwegian. (Spanish coming soon!)

Click on the video below to watch John perform: