China Grove


Superb dance music and a sparkling stage show - it has to be China Grove - every time.

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About China Grove...

China Grove is a party band with a proven history of excellence in providing high quality party music at events all over the globe. Whether performing at a massive arena event on an outdoor stage, a prestigious charity ball or corporate event at a leading West End hotel, China Grove's full 9 piece band is the ideal choice. For weddings and other private parties in more intimate venues, the band provides their 6 piece line-up - each event is treated with the utmost importance and a superb time is guaranteed for all the party goers.

China Grove's mix of music, featuring classic songs from the past four decades, is a winner every time. Costume changes and choreographed routines complement their music and the whole package adds up to a great show packed with fun and style.

The 6 piece line up, includes two highly talented and glamorous girl singers - a brass team is added to produce a punchy 9 piece band and a further male vocalist, makes a 10 piece band to match any in the UK today. Backing music comes from top line musicians with a proven track record over many years in the music business, all lead by Graham Jones who is without doubt one of the most accomplished and talented guitarists in the UK.

China Grove's repertoire features superb songs from the 60's through to chart hits from the current month - and every stop in between, guaranteeing a full dance floor every time for every party audience.

Superb dance music and a sparkling stage show - it has to be China Grove - every time.