Andy Wood


ANDY has been performing as Tom Jones for over 10 years now, and is one of the best and accurate tributes on the curcuit today. He hits those big notes with easy just like TOM does, he moves just like TOM does and has that same "TOM HUMOUR". Guaranteed to turn any event into a complete success.

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About Andy...

After an appearance in 1993 on the hit TV series "Stars in Their Eyes", Andy became involved In the newly emerging tribute scene and throughout the last ten years has established himself as one of the leading performers in the U.K.

His tribute work has taken him around the globe with contracts in America, South Africa, the Far East, Central Europe and Scandinavia with many TV appearances for ITV (Starts in Their Eyes, The Late Show), Sky TV, Poppelganger and Mnet (South Africa).

Andy is also a hit with many corporate clients. He has worked for Virgin, Granada Television, Cisco Systems, Pentax, Yale and many more.

The most recent tribute show and now the most popular is his tribute to Sir Tom Jones. "Re-creating Toms' voice has always been apart of my shows" and five years on is regarded by many as the best tribute in the UK.

Click on the video below to watch Andy perform: